Refuse and Salvage Occupations

What do they do? ​

Refuse and salvage collectors supervise and undertake the collection and processing of refuse from household, commercial and industrial premises.

They also collect recycling and work in recycling and reuse centres.

What are hours and pay like?

  • Average Salary: £21,178
  • Average Hours per week: 38 hours​

What does their job involve?

Collect waste

Ride on a refuse truck, pick up household waste, and put it in bins.


Collect recyclables like metal, paper, and salvage from homes and businesses, and get them ready for recycling.

Manage waste sites

Help with waste sites, make sure people use public disposal areas correctly, and tidy up landfills.


No academic qualifications are needed. Training is provided on-the-job. A minimum age limit of 18 years normally applies.​

Training providers in Surrey

N/A training is provided on the job.

Skills they need

  • Hard skills that are important for this role: Use of forklift truck, warehousing, manual handling, machinery, and waste management ​
  • Important soft skills: Communication, sorting, customer service, loading and unloading, management. ​
  • Job opportunities: 825 green jobs expected in the area by 2030.

Surrey-specific business

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