Information Technology and Telecommunications Professionals

What do they do? ​

Green Information Technology and Telecommunications Professionals are experts who specialise in environmentally friendly and sustainable practices within the IT and telecommunications fields.

Their role is to ensure that technology and communication systems are designed, implemented, and operated with a focus on reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainability.

What are hours and pay like?

  • Average Salary: £40,286
  • Average Hours per week: 36 hours​

What does their job involve?

Energy efficiency

Using advanced technologies and practices to save power in data centres, networks, and communication systems, making them more eco-friendly and ensuring that IT and telecom practices follow eco-friendly laws and standards.

Renewable energy integration

Working to add sources like solar and wind power to IT and telecom systems to rely less on fossil fuels.

E-waste management

Creating strategies to recycle electronics responsibly, minimising waste and harmful materials.

Telecommuting solutions

Promoting remote work and flexible options to reduce the need for physical offices and commuting, cutting energy use and pollution.

Sustainable hardware and software

Encouraging eco-friendly materials and designing software that uses resources efficiently.

Green data centres

Building and managing data centres with smart cooling and power systems to save energy and protect the environment.

Carbon footprint measurement

Measuring and reducing the pollution caused by IT and telecom operations.

Education and awareness

Educating colleagues and stakeholders about the significance of green IT and encouraging its adoption.


Keeping up with the latest eco-friendly technologies and integrating them into IT and telecom solutions.


​Entrants usually have a university degree or equivalent qualifications but there are vocational pathways available.

Training providers in Surrey

Surrey Universities offer relevant degree courses:

Or vocational courses at one of the colleges:

Skills you may need

  • Hard: ​Cyber security, automation, Python (programming language), Agile methodology, project management.
  • Soft:​ Communications, management, problem solving, safety assurance, planning.
  • Job opportunities: 629 green jobs expected in the area by 2030.

Surrey-specific employers

  • Unilever – Office in Leatherhead
  • P&G – Office in Weybridge
  • Stark – Office in Horley

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