Environmental Professionals

What do they do? ​

Environmental professionals help reduce the impact of human activities and industries on the environment. They focus on land and sea, investigating and providing advice on environmental issues.

What's the pay and work hours like?

  • Average Salary: £35,628 per year.
  • Average hours per week: 37 hours.

What does their job involve?

Resource management

  • A key part of their role is to take care of natural resources like water, air, soil, and wildlife.
  • Create plans to protect them and make sure they stay healthy for a long time.

Pollution control

  • Find and stop pollution sources, making the environment cleaner. This includes ways to control air and water pollution.

Environmental policy and regulation

  • Make rules and laws to protect the environment at different levels (local, regional, and national).
  • Work with government, NGOs, and companies to make sure everyone follows these rules.

Climate change mitigation

  • Study how climate change affects us and find ways to lessen its impact. This might involve planning for changes caused by climate change.

Research and analysis

  • Do studies to learn more about environmental problems.
  • Check if our conservation efforts are working.
  • Create new solutions.

Environmental consulting

  • Give advice to businesses, government groups, and non-profits about environmental issues.
  • Help them make smart choices and follow environmental rules.


Many in this role have Bachelor's or Master's degrees related to the environment, sustainability, or science/geography.

Some have project management qualifications or did apprenticeships in environmental topics.

Training providers

Skills they need

  • Hard skills that are important for this role: Risk analysis, project management, and environmental consulting.
  • Important soft skills: Communication, management, and research.
  • Job opportunities: There are around 2,353 green jobs like this are expected in Surrey by 2030.

Surrey-specific employers

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