Engineering Professionals

What do they do?​

Engineering professionals design, develop, test, and oversee the production of a wide range of products, systems, and technologies to solve problems in environmentally friendly ways and improve aspects of our lives.​

What's the pay and work hours like?

  • Average salary: £41,545
  • Average hours per week: 38 hours

What does their job involve?

General material work

Develop ways to make materials better and designs systems while considering cost and market needs. Also, creates control systems to check how well things work and makes plans and drawings with all the details. This job might also include reviewing patents and offering advice and consulting. ​

Sustainable design

Green engineers create things that are eco-friendly. They think about saving energy, reducing waste, and using renewable materials.

Clean energy

They work on projects using things like the sun, wind, and water to make power. They build systems that use clean energy and cut down on using fossil fuels.

Saving energy

Green engineers make buildings, industries, and transportation use less energy. They make and use technologies that save energy and help the environment by emitting fewer greenhouse gases.


Level 6: Most people in this field have a Bachelor’s degree or similar qualifications related to engineering.

There are also other paths like BTEC/SQA awards or apprenticeships that lead to Level 4 qualifications.

After these qualifications, you'll need to get more training and experience on the job.

Training providers in Surrey

Surrey Universities offer Engineering degrees

Check out specific courses at colleges in Surrey

  • East Surrey College: Full-time, Part-time and Higher Education qualifications for the Engineering sector. Train in spacious industry-standard workshops, developing practical skills with modern equipment.​
  • Brooklands College: A range of courses in Aeronautical, Manufacturing, Motorsport and Motor Vehicle, catering for learners from Level 1 through to BSc Degree Level. ​
  • Guildford College:  Level 2 or 3 qualifications in electrical installations and engineering.​
  • Reigate College:​ BTEC level 3 extended certificate
  • Woking College:​ BTEC level 3

Skills they need

  • Hard skills that are important for this role: Project management, project engineering, automation, risk analysis.
  • Important soft skills: Communication, management, planning, and problem solving.
  • Job opportunities: 1,510 green jobs expected in the area by 2030.

Surrey-specific employers

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