Electricians and Electrical Fitters

What do they do? ​

Electricians and electrical fitters assemble parts in the manufacture of electrical and electronic equipment, and install, maintain, and repair electrical plant, machinery, appliances and wiring.​

In the green industry, this could include repairing and installing solar panels and wind turbine parts.

What are hours and pay like?

  • Average Salary: £32,620
  • Average Hours per week: 45 hours​

What does their job involve?

Analyse plans

Study drawings and specifications to understand how things should work.

Hands on work

Cut, lay, and join wires to sockets or terminals using various methods and put in and shape electrical pipes.

Assemble components

Build parts and sub-parts using hand tools, soldering, riveting, or welding.

Set up electrical systems

Install machinery, fixtures, and appliances like fuse boxes, generators, and sockets.

Inspect and repair

Check electrical systems for problems using testing equipment and replace worn parts or faulty wiring.


Academic qualifications may not be required but NVQs and apprenticeships are available to combine work experience and training. ​

Training providers in Surrey

Skills you may need

  • Hard skills that are important for this role: Electrical wiring, maintenance engineering, electrical engineering, electrical systems​
  • Important soft skills: Communications, customer service, management, problem solving, self-motivation ​
  • Job opportunities: 966 green jobs in the area by 2030.

Surrey-specific employers

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