Conservation Professionals

What do they do? ​

Conservation experts make sure we take care of our environment, like parks, animals, and plants.

They also help people understand why this is important and create policies to landscapes, habitats and species.

What are hours and pay like?

  • Average Salary: £30,513
  • Average Hours per week: 39 hours​

What does their job involve?

Nature research

Studies different aspects of the natural world.

Nature education

Teaches people about conservation through talks, displays, workshops, and books, and works with the media.

Nature advice

Gives advice and information to the government, landowners, planners, and developers to protect the environment.

Habitat management

Makes and manages plans to protect natural places.

Environmental surveys

Studies the environment in the field and checks its impact.

Biodiversity plans

Supports and puts into action plans to protect different species and places.

Funding requests

Writes requests for money from other organisations and reviews their requests too.

Policy knowledge

Stays updated on laws about nature, both national and European.

Helps choose and takes care of special nature areas which are protected sites.


Usually, a degree in a related subject, sometimes with an extra degree after that. But you can also get in with a relevant BTEC or HND.

Most jobs need some hands-on experience, which you might get by volunteering. Additional on-job training may be available.

Training providers in Surrey

Degrees on offer:

College courses:

Skills you may need

  • Hard skills that are important for this role: Project management, ecology, marketing, geographic Information systems, environmental resource management​
  • Important soft skills: Management, communications, planning, customer service, report writing​
  • Job opportunities: 405 green jobs expected the area by 2030.

Surrey-specific employers

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