What is a green job?

Green jobs are all about fighting climate change and improving the natural environment. This can be working for companies that create electric vehicles, or helping businesses use fewer natural resources and produce clean energy.

Did you know that green jobs are on the rise in Surrey? They already make up 3.7% of our economy, and that's just the beginning. We're expecting them to grow by 8% every year until 2030 – that's almost double the growth rate of the digital sector in the 2010s.

So, Surrey needs talented people like you in green jobs, armed with the right skills to slash greenhouse gas emissions across many different fields and job types.

Types of green jobs

Discover the exciting world of green jobs – they're available in a range of roles and sectors. You could be installing cutting-edge low-carbon energy systems, designing new, energy-efficient products, or at the forefront of developing electric vehicle charging networks.

For more insights into the diverse green job opportunities available in Surrey, delve into our facts and stats page.

The best part? You don't need to be a science or engineering expert to join the green workforce. There are roles for all skills and qualification levels. 42% of individuals in green jobs hold university degrees and work in technical positions. To help you find your path to these impactful careers, explore our skills, resources, and courses page.

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