How to apply for the Rural England Prosperity Fund

Applications for a grant from the Rural England Prosperity Fund can be done online.

Apply online now for a grant from the Rural England Prosperity Fund. It is likely that all funding will have been allocated by November 2024.

Applications will be reviewed and assessed regularly on a first come first served basis by an independent Local Action Group (LAG) panel. All projects will be scored, and successful projects will be funded.

How to apply

  1. Check your project falls within the REPF eligible rural area on the DEFRA magic mapping. Find out how to check your geographical eligibility
  2. Define your project and check it fits one of the eligible categories in your area
  3. Complete the Enquiry form online
  4. Get your quotes for each item you are applying for to understand your complete project costs
    • £1,500 or less – two quotes or catalogue or online listings
    • £1,501 to £10,000 - three quotes or catalogue or online listings
    • £10,001 to £50,000 - three quotes or two quotes and one catalogue or online listing
    • £50,001 or more – three quotes
  5. Gather your documents – see list below
  6. Once your enquiry form has been approved we will send you a link to complete your application form. Get in touch if you have any questions
  7. Do not start the project or pay any deposit, advances, until you have been advised of the panel decision

Complete an enquiry for a REPF grant

What will I need to complete the enquiry form?

To complete the enquiry form you will need:

  • Your company or charity registration number, if applicable
  • Project overview
  • Understanding of full project costing,

Complete an enquiry for a REPF grant

What will I need for my application?

Once your enquiry form has been reviewed and approved, you will be invited to complete your Rural England Prosperity Fund application form. You will be emailed a link to an online application form, and it will help you to have the following documents and information to hand:

  • Company or Charity registration number if applicable
  • Full Accounts for last 2 years
  • Most recent company accounts for any linked company (sharing a common director)
  • Company VAT number if you are VAT registered
  • Details of any previous grant funding or subsidies received in last 3 years (COVID payments are not subsidies)
  • Remaining length of your lease if applicable
  • Your two to three comparable quotes for the project you are applying for
  • Business insurance
  • Planning permission number – planning permission needs to be granted ahead of grant application if required
  • For larger projects, a business case will be helpful

Claiming the grant

Once you have received panel approval of your project, please complete your project in a timely manner and submit your evidence of project completion – photos, invoices, certificates to claim your grant. You will need to pay in full for the project costs. The grant is paid post project completion. You will receive further communication and help to finalise your claim. Please email us at if you have any questions.

Terms and conditions

Read the full Rural England Prosperity Fund grant terms and conditions. You will need to acknowledge and approve them as part of your application.

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