Our resources for reducing conflict between parents

Occasional disagreements between parents are a normal part of relationships and family life. However, if they happen often, are intense or not resolved properly they can negatively affect children. Conflict can affect children in all types of parental relationships.

Surrey County Council have collaborated with a number of organisations to provide parents/carers with a range of resources to help manage conflict appropriately. We call our approach to this Families in Harmony.

Between us App

Surrey County Council have purchased licences for parents and practitioners to have access to the Between us App,

Between Us is an app designed to help parents have a better relationship with their partner now or in the future. The app provides individuals and couples with a range of exercises, tips, videos, and information, to help understand your relationship better and improve it.

Practitioners and Parents need to make a request to be granted an account to access the App.

Request to download the Between Us app

One Plus One

Parents in Surrey have access to three online resources that have been developed by One Plus One to help parents understand the impact of their arguments on their children, and learn techniques to communicate better, handle stress, and manage conflict more constructively.

Me, You and Baby Too

Me, You and Baby Too helps new and expectant parents adapt to the changes that parenthood can have on their relationship, while raising awareness of the impact of stress and conflict on their baby. Parents completing this course will develop the skills to manage their conflict more constructively.

Arguing better

Arguing better helps raise awareness of parental conflict and its impact on children. It gives parents the skills to cope with stress together and manage their conflict more constructively.

Getting it Right for Children

‍Getting it right for children support separating parents to see how they are putting their children in the middle of their conflict. It helps parents to develop positive communication skills, so that they can parent effectively together.

To register you will need select Surrey from the Southern England map and then follow the instructions to create an account

Register for One plus One online resources

Further advice

You can find further helpful information and support by:

By looking for support services on the Family Information Service Directory.

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