Specialist early education service (Portage)

Portage is part of the Specialist Early Education Service (SEES). SEES is a home visiting support service for families of pre-school children with additional needs.

Portage is a nationally accredited and successful home-based teaching programme for families of young children with additional needs. All children follow an individualised programme tailored specifically for them.

Portage is available to you if you have children aged up to three and a half years with significant developmental or other needs. The portage teacher or support worker will work through activities with you, supporting you to help your child's learning and development.

Referrals to Portage

Anyone can refer a child to SEES, but usually Portage referrals are made at birth or when a child has been diagnosed with a particular condition. If you are referring a child to the Portage service, you must obtain signed consent from the parents/carers and ensure that parents/carers are available and committed to receiving regular, term time home visits during school hours.

For more information, including how to make a referral, please see the Specialist Early Education Service (SEES) brochure. You can also contact your local area team.

Portage referral criteria:

  • the child being referred is under three and a half years; and
  • the child's development is delayed by six months in two or more areas of development.

Programme length depends upon parent/carer availability and the child's needs but would be to a maximum of 30 visits (or one year). Weekly or fortnightly home visits may be offered. Support is provided for children who transition into pre-school settings following a Portage intervention.

SEES is registered with the National Portage Association (NPA).

Other SEES programmes

SEES also offers other programmes to support pre-school aged children with additional needs.

The Positive Play Programme (PPP) aims to support parents develop their child's attention, play and listening skills, and their communication and co-operation skills.

Local Early Autism Programme (LEAP) offers intensive support to families of children who are on the autistic spectrum.

For more information, including how to make a referral, please see the Specialist Early Education Service (SEES) brochure.

SEES Local Area Teams

North East SEES Team (Esher)

North West SEES Team (Woking)

South East SEES Team (Redhill)

South West SEES Team (Woking)

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