University fees and finances

Many people are put off university by the cost of fees and other expenses. The reality for most is that they will have debts when they finish, but with a bit of knowledge and planning these can be more than manageable.


Although tuition fees have now been introduced whereby universities can charge up to £9,000 for a full time place, students are able to apply for a Tuition fee loan which is paid direct to the university.

This type of loan has the benefit of having an interest rate linked to inflation rather than a rate set by the bank which should be significantly cheaper. The other major benefit is that repayments do not have to be made unless they are earning more than a certain amount. This means that if they became unemployed or took a career break they would not need to continue making payments.


Students may qualify for a Maintenance loan to help with living costs which is repaid in the same way as the Tuition fee loan above. If they are on a low income, disabled or have children they may also be entitled to some extra help with living costs.

The student finance calculator on the website can help you find out how much you might get.

There are numerous other ways to make money go further from 0% overdrafts to getting an NUS Student discount card. There are also some helpful tips and advice on the Money Saving Expert Student money saving checklist.

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