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If you employ a childcarer such as a nanny or au pair to look after your child in your own home they will not usually have to register with Ofsted. However, they can apply to go on the voluntary part of the Ofsted childcare register as a home child carer.

Home child carers can look after children from two families at the same time but they must care for them in the home of one of the children. If a home child carer is shared by more than two families then this is considered childminding and they will need to register with Ofsted.

If your childcarer has registered with Ofsted you could check whether you may be eligible for help with childcare costs via the Childcare Choices website or by using the Childcare Calculator.

You can also find details of support available to help with childcare costs on our Paying for childcare web page.

How can I find details of local home child carers?

You can search for Ofsted registered home child carers in your local area in our Childcare finder.

Further reading

You can find further information about how to find and pay for childcare in our Choosing childcare booklet.

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