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Free scams awareness sessions

We are hosting a variety of virtual awareness events. There is the Friends Against Scams session that shows you how to spot and stop a scam, and what to do to safeguard yourself and others .

The Scam Champion session is for those that want to help spread the scam awareness messages wider for example by running your own session in your community or workplace.

The Business Against Scams session includes a number of resources that companies can share with their employees which can educate them on a variety of common business related frauds.

Please see our Eventbrite page for times and dates and to book yourself a space.

Prosecutions and other court actions

Find out about the latest court actions against rogue traders, the selling of counterfeit goods and other unlawful trading practices in Buckinghamshire and Surrey.

New law on allergens

Natasha's Law which comes into effect from 1st October 2021 will require food businesses to provide full ingredient lists and allergen labelling on foods packaged for sale on the premises.

The Food Standards Agency has provided toolkits and excellent guidance on this for businesses. However, do please get in touch with our Business Advice Team if you have questions.

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