Plan your wedding ceremony

A step by step guide to planning and booking your perfect wedding, whether it is a marriage or civil partnership.

1. Choose a marriage or civil partnership

Choosing if you would like a marriage or civil partnership will be your first consideration.

Marriage ceremony

A marriage ceremony means that you will need to say certain vows when you solemnize your marriage. You can have a marriage ceremony at a church or religious building, licensed venue or register office.

If you choose to have a marriage ceremony at:

Civil partnership

A civil partnership does not need to include a ceremony and is for both opposite sex couples and same sex couples. A civil partnership is formed when the couple signs a civil partnership document, in front of the registrar and two witnesses. If you choose to have a civil partnership with a ceremony you can have it at either a licensed venue or a register office.

If you choose a civil partnership and you wish to:

Other ceremonies

For all other ceremonies, please see our webpage: Other types of ceremonies.

2. Choose your perfect wedding venue

You are spoilt for choice when choosing to have a ceremony in Surrey. Choose from one of our three register offices: Guildford, Leatherhead or Weybridge, or over a hundred licensed venues such as: heritage properties, grand country houses, exclusive hotels, racecourses and barns, to name but a few.

3. Choose your bespoke wedding ceremony package

Once you have chosen your venue, there's something to suit every couple and budget in our carefully chosen bespoke wedding ceremony packages.

4. Book your wedding ceremony

Once you have decided on your venue and bespoke wedding package, you will need to book your wedding ceremony. You can do this up to two years in advance.

Your ceremony booking includes the registrars to attend your ceremony, your bespoke ceremony package and if your ceremony is taking place in a register office, that too.

5. Book your notice of marriage or civil partnership appointment

Find out about the legal requirement for your ceremony and make an appointment for notice of marriage or civil partnership to complete the legal paperwork. You can do so up to a year in advance of your ceremony, but this must be done at least 29 days prior to your ceremony or 71 days (if you are subject to immigration control).

6. Personalise your wedding ceremony

Now's the time to get personal. This is your day and we want it to be as special and memorable as possible. Let us know your choice of vows, music and reading before your ceremony and things to be aware of the day of your ceremony (e.g. when to arrive, filming, witnesses and use of confetti).

Please only submit your checklist four to six weeks prior to your ceremony date.

7. On your day

Here's a rundown of what you can expect on the day of your ceremony, for example when to arrive and preparations you may need to make.