Who's involved in planning a major home adaptation

People involved in a major home adaptation

Who's involved in planning an adaptation

The following people are involved at this step:

  • OT
  • your local council or home improvement agency
  • builders
  • you

Your local council or Home Improvement Agency will:

They might:

  • produce technical plans
  • ask for quotes or tenders from builders or contractors
  • get landlord approval or other permissions
  • apply for planning and building control approval
  • signpost you to other services

Your OT or OTA will:

  • look at the technical plans for the adaptation to make sure they meet your needs
  • approve any changes made to the original plans

You need to:

  • look at the plans to make sure you're happy with them

Builders will:

  • send quotes or tenders for the work

You should contact local council or home improvement agency if you have any questions at this stage.

See Step 3: Planning the adaptation.

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