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What is Technology Enabled Care (TEC)?

TEC can help you to stay independent and safe at home. It includes:

  • falls detectors
  • alarm pendants
  • apps
  • motion sensors

TEC is changing the way we support people. For example, we can check for inactivity or dehydration. By keeping you safe at home, it means that avoidable hospital admissions are less likely. If you've had a visit to hospital, TEC can help you get home sooner.

The benefits of TEC include:

  • making sure you remember to take your medicines
  • better connections with loved ones, friends and professionals
  • early intervention for declining physical health and wellbeing
  • identification of anxiety and declining mental health
  • reduced isolation, with voice activated devices like Alexa Show
  • reduced dehydration and improved nutrition
  • ability to monitor care and support needs

TEC can help any vulnerable person to stay independent.

Use Home Equipment Finder to find products that might help. You can search by room, need and product type.

Alarms and location services

You can also find a range of simple technology from your local district or borough council. These include equipment like:

  • personal alarms and pendants
  • smoke alarms
  • GPS tracking services- GPS locator
  • epilepsy (seizure monitoring) detector
  • bed and chair sensors
  • carbon monoxide detectors
  • pills dispenser
  • door sensors
  • memo reminder

To find out more see Social care home equipment from your local borough or district council.

Motion sensors

In 2020, we worked with Mole Valley Life to pilot the use of motion sensors to help keep you safe at home. This service is now available to anyone who lives in Surrey.

How does it work?

Mole Valley Life install a hub in your home which collects information about your home and daily movements. If the sensor notices any changes it sends an alert to an experienced team of people. They might:

  • call you at home to see if everything is OK
  • call your key contact
  • call your social care worker if you have one
  • call emergency services if needed

All your information is kept in a secure dashboard. No one can see it unless you give them permission.

The equipment you'll get includes:

  • a main hub for sending and receiving data
  • depending on your needs, sensors to track:
    • door opening and closing
    • motion
    • temperature
  • smart plugs attached to electrical items
  • a web-based secure monitoring platform

An advisor will visit you at home and talk to you about the best technology for you. They'll set everything up for you including:

  • plugging the hub unit into the mains
  • attaching sensors using sticky pads
  • putting smart plugs on electrical items, like your kettle or microwave

Before they leave, they'll make sure everything is working.

How do I sign up for a motion sensor?

Contact Mole Valley Life to find out more about installing a motion sensor in your home.

How TEC has helped our Surrey residents

Watch our series of videos to see how TEC can help you.

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Help to regain independence at home after a fall

See how mother and daughter have benefited from the security and reassurance the technology offers.

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Reablement Occupational Therapist, Louise Carrigan, explains how the technology is used for mother and daughter.

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