Looking after yourself as a carer

Many carers combine working with caring, with some caring for more than 50 hours on top of working full time: while others may give up work or reduce their hours because of their caring responsibilities.

Tell your GP you are a carer

If your doctor knows you are caring for someone, they will be able to provide the advice and support that you might need. They may also be able to tell you about services that can improve your caring situation.

Surrey GPs can now also prescribe payments for a carer's break. This money can be spent on things that might help you take a break from your caring responsibilities, or bring you some health benefit, such as replacement care, leisure or fitness classes, or equipment to support you in caring role.

Breaks for carers

Crossroads Care Surrey

Crossroads Care Surrey provide breaks from caring. This is referred to as 'respite care' where the person you care for is looked after by someone else for a period of time. It lets you take time to look after yourself and helps you stop becoming exhausted or run down.

Their purpose is to improve the quality of life of carers and the people they care for and to maintain your physical and mental wellbeing. Crossroads Care support carers by enabling them to take a break from their caring role by providing one of their highly trained carer support workers. Carers may be able to access a limited number of hours free of charge to support the caring role.