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Surrey Transport Plan Strategies

Strategy summary

The key themes from each Surrey Transport Plan strategy summarised in one document.

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Air Quality

Our plan to improve air quality and reduce harmful pollutants.

More about Air Quality

Congestion strategy

How we intend to reduce traffic queues and journey delays.

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Surrey Cycling Strategy

Our strategy for cycling in Surrey.

More about Surrey Cycling Strategy

Freight strategy

Our strategy to assist in effective freight transport whilst minimising the impact of goods vehicles.

More about Freight strategy

Local Bus strategy

How we intend to deliver a functional and effective local bus network in Surrey.

More about Local Bus strategy

Passenger Transport Information strategy

How we intend to provide bus and train information in future.

More about Passenger Transport Information strategy

Parking strategy

Our strategy for parking provision and control in Surrey.

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Travel planning strategy

Our strategy for delivering school and workplace travel planning guidance and training.

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Transport strategies to be reviewed

Existing transport and highways policies that are due to be updated

More about Transport strategies to be reviewed

The Surrey Rail Strategy

Our strategy for rail infrastructure needed for sustainable economic growth.

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Rights of Way Improvement Plan

Our strategic approach to improving public access.

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