How we will be making improvements to streets in your area


What is the 'Local Street Improvements Programme?

Have your say on street designs for Egham Hythe or Lower Sunbury

If you live, work, study, travel through or spend time in Egham Hythe or Lower Sunbury, we want to work with you and seek your views to help us design more people-friendly streets for all and identify the key local transport issues in these areas.

Find out more about the schemes and what could be changed to improve streets by submitting your views on the Egham Hythe Commonplace page or the Lower Sunbury Commonplace page. The closing date is 31 October.

Local street improvements are a key part of our Local Transport Plan 4, and they are featured within the Planning for place policy area. This policy aims to create safer, healthier and more attractive local environments that encourage more walking, wheeling and riding and increase opportunities to live and work locally.

Informed by the Local Transport Plan, the Local Street Improvements Programme sets out a range of transport improvements into a delivery plan for the county. Annual delivery plans will be made up of individual schemes for different areas. These annual plans are called Tranches. For example, Tranche 1A is the first phase of Local Street Improvements proposals, to be designed in Year 1 (2023 to 24) of the Local Street Improvements Programme.

Key characteristics of Local Streets Improvements include:

  • Creating more attractive local environments and more welcoming neighbourhoods that people want to spend time in, and that local residents take pride in;
  • Increasing the comfort, safety and accessibility of walking, wheeling and cycling infrastructure;
  • Creating spaces in street environments for community facilities that can be enjoyed by all, such as outdoor seating, pocket parks, and play spaces; and
  • Reducing the dominance of cars and goods vehicles resulting in healthier streets with improved safety, reduced emissions, air quality and noise pollution, and more walking, wheeling, riding and social interactions.

Our delivery plan

The council's Transport Policy Team are investigating opportunities for Local Street Improvements across the county. The delivery of Local Street Improvements will be planned through a 10-year programme.

Local Street Improvements proposals will consider both urban and rural areas where interventions will contribute towards the council's target for net zero carbon emissions by 2050.


Engagement with local communities and stakeholder groups is a fundamental feature of the Local Street Improvements Programme. A community-based engagement approach will help to develop the most appropriate local proposals, that reflect local needs and wishes.

Our proposed measures for improvements

A number of measures could be introduced to improve local streets in a neighbourhood, where these are supported by local stakeholders. Examples include (not a definitive list):

  • 20mph speed limits, particularly focussed around schools.
  • Traffic calming measures such as speed bumps.
  • New and improved crossings for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Widening pavements/footways and improving their surface and overall quality.
  • Continuous footways across side roads which give priority to pedestrians.
  • More greenery including the planting of more trees.
  • Installing sustainable urban drainage systems like rain gardens.
  • Providing more seating including space outside of restaurants and shops.
  • Improving bus stops.
  • Improving cycle parking and infrastructure.

Further information

Updates on the development of Local Street Improvements zone proposals will be provided here as more information becomes available.

If you would like more information about the Local Street Improvements Programme or have any questions, please contact us at