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We're proud of everyone within #TeamSurrey – we have a number of professionals and specialists trained in loads of different areas – from preventing emergencies, supporting you on the phone when they happen to those looking for new, enhancing opportunities and ensuring our equipment is on the run. Why not you?

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Becoming a fire fighter

Why not you? Learn more about the role of the Firefighter and how you could give back to your community in numerous ways.

Community resilience

Learn more about our work with the Community and Businesses, Education and Schools and wider partners as well as how you can help to enable the residents of Surrey to lead safer lives.

Mobilising control

Interested in taking on a role which is central to the Service’s ability to respond efficiently and effectively to incidents? Read on…

Support staff

We don’t only recruit Firefighters. Explore the opportunities which keep our operations running smoothly.

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Take a look at some of the projects you could get involved in and learn more about our service.

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