Farnham Maltings launches its annual programme of support to help young artists

Farnham Maltings has launched its annual programme of support to help young artists make their first piece of theatre and to explore their potential career within the arts.

No Strings Attached is a programme designed for young people to exercise their creativity, without the usual requirements attached to arts funding. We want to hear the voices of young people in the South East of England who are excited by theatre and want to make something of their own. No Strings Attached should act as a stepping stone between doing theatre as an extra-curricular activity, hobby or school subject to exploring it as a future career.

We want to fund projects that are theatre and performance focussed, but this could include other art forms such as dance, puppetry, film or music. Applicants may also choose to focus their project around community engagement. Ultimately, we are looking for creativity and passion for what applicants want to explore. We also highly recommend that applicants consider who their audience is for the work they want to make.

Successful applicants will receive a grant of up to £1,000, along with two training sessions with Farnham Maltings to provide a starter tool kit in key areas of self-producing, budgets and thinking about audiences. Successful applicants will also receive two exclusive sessions of up to four hours with a paired industry mentor.

In order to be eligible to apply for No Strings Attached, applicants must be aged between eighteen and twenty-five and live in the South East region of England. Applicants must also have not previously received public funding for the arts (for example, from Arts Council England). Lastly, applicants must want to make a piece of theatre or performance!

The deadline for submissions is 5pm on Sunday 8 January 2023. Applicants can expect a phone call from the Farnham Maltings team to talk through their idea. We will arrange this with applicants for a time between Monday 9 and Friday 20 January.

Applications for No Strings Attached are now open via the Farnham Maltings website

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