Trading Standards take action against short measures at fuel pumps

Teams have carried out checks to make sure drivers are not being short-changed

In a bid to protect residents from unfair practices, Buckinghamshire and Surrey Trading Standards launched an investigation into reports of short measures at fuel pumps. This proactive approach aimed to ensure that motorists are receiving accurate fuel quantities, promoting transparency and building trust within the community.


Vehicle fuel is an essential to all our day-to-day lives. Fuel is key to the operation of most businesses, public services and their staff, including for the movement of essential products and services.

Cost of living issues have seen the price of fuel increase over the last couple of years. It is important that consumers receive what they are paying for and are not receiving short measures at the petrol pumps.

Investigation process

Trading Standards are the responsible authority for the testing of fuel pumps measures to ensure that they are operating within their allowed legal tolerances.

Over the period of November to December 2022, Trading Standards Officers tested 322 fuel pumps in the Buckinghamshire and Surrey areas. A total of 18 pumps failed due to delivering short measures. Any pumps delivering incorrect measures during the inspections were taken out of use so the businesses could correct the error within an agreed timeframe. In Surrey a total of 183 pumps were tested and 7 failed.

Follow up investigations

Trading Standards followed up in 2023 and tested fuel pump measures over the period of July and August. A total of 161 petrol pumps were tested and there were no failures. All pumps, 93 in Surrey were found to be working inside their legal tolerances.

How to take action

If you have any suspicions that a petrol pump is delivering short measures, please contact Citizens Advice on 0808 223 1135 or visit the Citizens Advice website.

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