Community Link Officers are making it happen across Surrey

Connect with your local Community Link Officers on Facebook

All our Community Link Officers (CLO) now have their own Facebook pages, where you can find out about what's going on in your local area, things that might affect you and get in touch with your CLO if you need help.

What is a Community Link Officer?

Surrey County Council's Community Link Officers act as a link between the council and the local community, working to address the needs of residents and working together to help Make It Happen.

The role focuses on helping local areas by getting a greater understanding of the strengths and opportunities within each community and supporting residents, councilors and partners to tackle them; whether that's through finding appropriate funding, connecting people to other partners in Surrey, or signposting support that is available.

There are 11 Community Link Officers covering each district and borough across Surrey. These officers work closely with County Councillors, District and Borough Officers and wider partners to develop conversations with communities, in order to understand priorities and to help to shape their local areas.

Get in touch with the Community Link Officer in your local area

Facebook pages have been set up to allow Surrey's Community Link Officer to connect with residents via the popular social media tool. There are 11 pages in total, one for each area. Follow your Community Link Officer to find out what is happening in and around your local area.

These pages are a fantastic way of finding out support in local areas such as Warm Welcomes and Community groups.

Additionally, we've rounded up all the tips and contact details for your essential services this winter. All the information is available on our Health and Welfare support pages.

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