Trading Standards take a stand against romance fraud

Fall for the person, not the profile!

Buckinghamshire and Surrey's Trading Standards experts are warning those looking to fall in love not to fall for romance scams

As Valentine's Day is upon us, Trading Standards has issued a timely warning to those looking for love this February. It can be a very busy time for cybercriminals, posing as suitors to steal your money or identity, or both.

Whether you are looking for a partner or just a friend, you would never expect to become a victim of a scam. However, there are criminals out there who will use romance to commit fraud and could lead you to lose your savings.

Trading Standards are advising residents to question whether 'something is too good to be true', when approached by an over eager person claiming to be looking for love, and the moment they mention money, that should be an immediate red flag!

Importance of being scam aware

Being scammed can be a harrowing experience that can have a long-lasting impact on wellbeing. Many romance scams never get reported because of the victim's embarrassment but it is important to remember that these scammers target a number of people and have been doing it for years.

Find out more about safe online dating including tips to follow.

For more information on how to avoid scams see Surrey's Trading Standards web page and sign up to their regular newsletter.

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