Directory of Essential Services for every household in Surrey

New campaign to support residents with the Cost of Living

This week, Surrey County Council is launching a new campaign to support residents with the increasing Cost of Living by directing them to a variety of support and services to help them.

Look out for your Directory of Essential Services which is being delivered to every household in Surrey from next week. It includes help with cost-of-living this winter, from the Surrey Crisis fund to Warm Welcome venues and foodbanks. We know times are though so we want to do everything we can to support you during this time.

We also have a variety of services available to all such as our Energy Advice Tool so you can easily find out if you are eligible for any schemes to make your house more energy efficient along with advice on things like debt relief grants and fuel vouchers.

Your Essential Services also highlights support available in your local area including from your District or Borough, County Councillor and how your Community Link Officer can help.

To find more support visit our Welfare Hub web page.

Warm Welcomes

There are currently 76 Warm Welcome venues across Surrey in a variety of community spaces including community and church halls, libraries and leisure centres.

All you have to do is show up. Come inside, warm up, enjoy a hot drink and receive energy advice and much more.

Some venues will also be offering breakfast and lunchtime clubs, after school clubs for children, creative activities such as board games, toddler toys and knitting. A number of Warm Welcomes will also be giving out free items such as wheat bags, thermal socks and gloves, electric blankets, and flasks (subject to availability).

Find out more on the Warm Welcome web page.

Crisis fund

The Surrey Crisis Fund provides financial help to residents who have nowhere else to turn in an emergency or following a disaster. It also can provide assistance to set up a home in the community where no other funds or resources are available.

To find out more visit the Surrey Crisis Fund web page.

Improve your skills

You can also find out how to learn a new skill, progress your career or take a course to help you and your household with the cost of living. This could be from one of the many Surrey Adult Learning courses, free numeracy classes from Multiply or some of the many opportunities available at your local library.

To find out more visit the Multiply web page or search for a course on the Surrey Adult Learning web page.

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