Community groups and support in Reigate and Banstead

Community groups carry out a vital role across Surrey, encouraging people to feel part of their local area, and helping support this area to grow and develop. They are about joining up and joining in to make things happen. We have a wide variety of community groups within Surrey. Below is a small selection of community groups and clubs in Reigate and Banstead.

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Arts, culture and heritage

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Banstead Art Group

They are a friendly group of members who meet monthly to share current work, exchange knowledge and develop skills. For more information visit Banstead Art Group.

Sports, health and fitness

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Community swimming pools and sports hubs

Community swimming pools and sport hubs are vibrant hubs of fun, fitness, and togetherness. A place for families, friends, and neighbours to relax, exercise, and create lasting memories. Whether it's a dip in the cool water, swimming laps, or lounging by the poolside, they are the heart of community enjoyment. For more information and to find your local community swimming pools and sport hubs see the list below:

  • Donyngs Leisure Centre
  • Horley Leisure Centre
  • Tadworth Leisure and Community Centre

Walks in Reigate and Banstead

Find out about all the different walking trails in Reigate and Banstead and how they can improve your wellbeing. For more information visit Walks in Reigate and Banstead.

Community support

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Warm Welcome venues

We have re-opened warm spaces across Surrey, now known as Warm Welcome venues. Warm Welcome venues are open to all residents this winter free of charge – no matter your age or situation. Find out about Warm Welcome venues in your local area.

Reigate and Banstead foodbanks

No one in our community should have to face going hungry. That's why local foodbanks provided nutritionally balanced food and support to local people who are referred to them. For more information and to find your local foodbank see the list below:

Merstham Community Hub

The community hub is dedicated to supporting the community to achieve their social and economic goals. With a range of activities and services. For more information visit Merstham Community Hub.

YMCA East Surrey

They are a vibrant, local charity that helps vulnerable children, young people and adults to belong, contribute and thrive. Our wide range of projects and activities aim to help create happy, healthy and connected communities. For more information visit YMCA East Surrey

Merstham Repair Café

Bring your repairs down to the community repair cafe. Our local experts can help give them a second life for free. For more information visit Merstham Repair Café.

Bikes Revived

They repair and relocate unwanted bicycles. Their aim is to help people from all walks of life get out on two wheels. For more information visit Bikes Revived.

Renewed Hope

They are a charity which provide practical solutions and emotional support to the homeless, vulnerable, and isolated. For more information visit Renewed Hope.

Horley Health Hub

They hosts a range of different community activities and services from the health hub. With projects such as a community garden to a women's crafting group. They also provide services such as bereavement counselling. For more information visit Horley Health Hub.

Cost of Living Reigate and Banstead

Reigate and Banstead Borough Council's Community Development Workers who, as part of their role, run weekly 'food clubs' in key areas of Reigate and Banstead which support residents experiencing financial hardship by providing access to food and basic supplies. For more information about these clubs and other available help visit Cost of Living Reigate and Banstead.

Stripey Stork

Surrey baby bank is collecting donations of clothes, toys and essential items for babies and children and giving the items to local families experiencing hardship. For more information visit Stripey Stork.

Richmond Fellowship's East Surrey Community Connections

Richmond Fellowship's East Surrey Community Connections service based in Redhill provides support to individuals, living in Surrey, who would like support with their mental health and wellbeing. For more information visit Richmond Fellowship's East Surrey Community Connections.

YMCA Horley Young People and Family Centre

YMCA Horley Young People and Family Centre are here to help parents, carers, children and young people. For more information visit YMCA Horley Young People and Family Centre.

Leisure, park and green spaces

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Banstead Village in Bloom

A large group of volunteers who work together to enhance the village such as planting flowers and litter picking. For more information visit Banstead Village in bloom.

Reigate Conservation Volunteers

An independent voluntary group, dedicated to undertaking practical nature conservation tasks around the Reigate. For more information visit Reigate Conservation Volunteers.

Gatwick Green space Partnership

This is a community project that works to benefit people, wildlife and the countryside. For more information visit Gatwick Greenspace Partnership.

Reigate and Banstead allotments

Regardless of whether you are an experienced or novice gardener, an allotment could offer you more than you think - it could provide you with a new hobby, exercise and fresh home-grown, even organic, produce. It's a great way to save money as well as encourage a healthier lifestyle. For more information visit Reigate and Banstead allotments.

Parks, play areas and green spaces

Reigate and Banstead's parks, green spaces, and natural landscapes are the places where people can relax, exercise, play, and enjoy natural heritage and culture. They also provide habitat for wildlife and contribute to improving local air quality. For details of parks, play areas and open spaces in Reigate and Banstead, visit Reigate and Banstead green spaces directory.

Hobbies, interests and clubs

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Banstead Rotary Club

We support and work in partnership with a wide range of charities and projects at a local and national level. By combining our skills, time and resources, we are able to successfully deliver local and national campaigns which have a positive impact in our communities. For more information visit Banstead Rotary Club.

Make Do and Mend

They offers fellowship and friendship while having a chance to participate in a variety of craft work, and the sharing of ideas. For more information visit Make Do and Mend.

Horley Association of Traders

A group of volunteers who organise events in Horley including St Georges Day and Christmas Lights. For more information visit Horley Association of Traders.

Horley Lions Club

Lions Clubs are a local club which serve the local community by raising funds for charities and local good causes. For more information visit Horley Lions Club.

Path Finder Scouts Horley

This group is committed to making Scouting fun for all the young people who attend, and helps them grow. For more information visit Path Finder Scouts Horley.

East Surrey Calligraphy Club

East Surrey Calligraphy Club are a new calligraphy group for novice and experienced calligraphers. For more information visit East Surrey Calligraphy Club or email

Libraries, community centres and faith groups

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Our libraries

Our libraries are 'Where It Happens'. Did you know that our libraries are the social, economic, learning and cultural hubs right at the heart of our local communities. From Rhymetime for under 5 year-olds, crafts, coding and chess clubs, helping people to improve their computer skills, supporting new businesses, author talks, hosting reading groups and exhibitions, your local library has it all. For more information and to find your local library see the list below:

Community Centre

Offers a wide range of free/low-cost activities for all ages. hot and cold snacks and lunches are available. For more information and to find your local Community centre see the list below:

Please note: Our directory contains a varied range of service providers, many of which are not connected with Surrey County Council. The information has not been verified by Surrey County Council for accuracy. When contacting any service provider, we encourage you to take note of any safeguarding and health and safety requirements involved with the activity and to check if the providers have relevant qualifications for insurance purposes.

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