Families First

Families First is our way in Surrey of describing how practitioners work together to ensure families receive the right support at the right time.

Underpinning effective partnership working are our Families First principles. These six principles enable everyone in the partnership to adopt a consistent approach. They encourage holistic support for families, to always prioritise the needs of children, and to engage families in a way that will best meet their needs.

The principles are:

  1. Prioritise the wellbeing, wishes and feelings of children
  2. Include everyone, supporting whole families, in their communities
  3. Empower families in their choices, never assume or judge
  4. Promote family strengths and value the family's experience
  5. Communicate simply and clearly, with no surprises
  6. Respect families and be reliable and trustworthy

You can find out more about how we will apply these principles to the delivery of Early Help services in Surrey, in the Families First: 2024 to 2027 Early Help strategy (PDF).

How to use Families First principles and branding

Context is everything. These principles have been widely consulted on across partners and families and can be used by practitioners in many ways within the context that will be most helpful. For instance they could be used during discussions in team meetings, helping to inform decision-making, setting the context for team around the family meetings, or used in day-to-day work to challenge and remind us to put the needs of families first.

The branding is available to be shared and used on documentation, signage, or wider media outputs. Our shared ambition across the early help partnership is for this brand to become visible and used to help practitioners focus on what matters, and for families to recognise a trusted brand that means they can access the support they need.

Types of branding available

  • A green Families First badge
  • A 600 X 300 email signature
  • A Families First postcode
  • A Families First pop up banner
  • Families First branding as a template on both Word and Powerpoint

How to request the branding

For access to the logos, email signature, postcard and poster with the principles, please contact: surrey.fis@surreycc.gov.uk who can help you think about what you need and how you could use these.

If you are looking for support for your family in your local area, please refer to the Family Information Service for information and guidance.

Files available to download

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