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Adoption is built around the needs of the child but it's also a legal process giving you duties, responsibilities and rights for that child.

By adopting a child and providing a loving, secure home you can really make a difference. We are always looking for families with the potential to adopt, could you be one of them?

National Adoption Week

National Adoption Week 2015 took place between 19 and 25 October and the theme was ‘Too old at 4?’.

Older children waiting to be adopted are often likely to be in sibling groups or to have additional needs and there is currently a shortage of adoptive parents coming forward for these children. To find out more please visit the Too old at 4? page on the First4Adoption website.

October 2015

Currently we have greatest need of families able to consider the following:

  • Children over four years of age.
  • Children with health and development issues.
  • Sibling groups where it is likely one child is of school age.
  • Children from Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) backgrounds.

We have very limited capacity at the current time to assess applicants unable to consider the above. We continue to review our recruitment needs every three months, to ensure that we can place our children in new families as soon as possible.

For further advice on adoption agencies please visit the First4Adoption website.

Between April 2014 and the end of March 2015, 48 Surrey children were adopted from care. Many children are placed by themselves, but we also need families who can adopt two or more children to keep siblings together. Most of our children have had a poor start in life, but have huge potential to develop successfully within the right family.

We welcome prospective adopters from all sections of the community, whatever their background or marital status and are especially keen to hear from anyone who can consider children over four years old, children from black and minority ethnic groups, sibling groups and children with complex health or development needs.

We follow customer care standards (PDF) developed by the professional bodies representing adoption agencies.

What adopted children say are the best things about getting adopted

  • Joining a new or real family.
  • Being able to stay with brothers or sisters.
  • Knowing that people care about you.
  • Realising you are going to live somewhere forever.

(The Office of the Children's Rights Director)

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