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Apply for a van and trailer permit

What is a van, trailer, pick-up permit?

  • It is a free permit and you can apply online.
  • It entitles you to 12 visits in one calendar year and it will be automatically renewed on your first visit in the new calendar year.
  • You need to be a Surrey resident and only one permit will be issued per household.
  • Just for the disposal of household waste at any of our CRCs.
  • Not valid for household construction waste (including waste from home DIY projects) or business waste. If you want to dispose of business waste, this must be taken to a waste transfer station where it will be weighed and charged.

Apply for a van and trailer permit online

To apply you will need:

  • A valid email address (for receipt of your permit, which you need to access our sites).
  • To create a Surrey account (using the link below). Once registered, please click on "Quick Links" to apply for your permit.
  • Before you apply for the van and trailer permit, please read the common questions about the van permit.

Apply for van and trailer permit

Note: Before being able to apply for a van and trailer permit, you are required to read and accept our terms and conditions first.

For help or guidance with the application process, please see our Step by step guide to van permit application (PDF).

Access our sites with your permit

  • When accessing our sites you must provide a visual copy of your permit (either printed or via a smart phone or tablet) together with proof of ID if asked.
  • If your permit number does not match the registration number of the vehicle you have registered with us, you will be refused entry.

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Changing your details

  • Should any of your details change (ie address, email address, telephone number or vehicle registration number), you are required to update your permit details online via your Surrey account.
    Note: You will need to accept our terms and conditions before any changes will be accepted.
  • Your details will already be in our system, so do not try to create another permit as any new applications will fail.

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Permits for hire vans

  • Permits for 'Hire vehicles' will only be valid for 7 days. You can apply for subsequent permits for a 'hire vehicle', but overall you will only be allocated 12 visits per year not per permit.
  • You can apply for a permit online - select 'hire vehicle' in the 'type of vehicle' field .
  • When you arrive at the recycling centre you'll be asked for proof that it is a hire vehicle, so bring both your permit and your hire documentation.
  • If you have a permit for a personal vehicle and then need a permit for a hire vehicle, you can apply for it online. The hire permit will run along side your personal permit for 7 days, after this it will expire and your personal permit will continue.

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Permits for business vans

  • You can have a permit for a business van if it is your own personal van and you are bringing in your own household waste. You will not be allowed to dispose of business or construction waste. Your visits and the type of waste you bring will be recorded and monitored to prevent abuse of the scheme.
  • Duplicate details are not accepted in our system (e.g. vehicle registration numbers, addresses, email addresses). If you are using a company vehicle on your permit, other people will not be able to register the same vehicle in the future.

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How these decisions were made can be found in the cabinet report dated 24 November 2015 Item 231/15.

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