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Do you need a van, pickup and trailer waste permit?

Our permit scheme is for Surrey residents who need to dispose of their household waste at one of our designated community recycling centres (CRC), in a van, pickup or trailer.

The permit does not cover the disposal of household construction waste (including waste from home DIY) or business/commercial waste. If you are transporting these types of waste in a van, pickup or trailer, they will not be accepted at our community recycling centres and must be taken to a waste transfer station, where they will be weighed and charged for.

Vehicles that require a permit

You will need a permit if you are a Surrey resident and use a van (your own/hired), pickup truck or a vehicle with a trailer to dispose of your household waste.

Please note: If you hire a man with a van the waste will be considered business/commercial waste and must be taken to a waste transfer station, where it will be weighed and charged for.


For the purpose of the permit, a van is:

  • Any vehicle without side rear windows
  • Any flatback vehicle
  • Any pickup vehicle (two seater or four seater)
  • Any large multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) where the seats have been removed
  • Camper vans
  • A vehicle that is pulling a trailer

Please note: Passenger vehicles where the seats have been removed (i.e. not being used for what they were intended e.g to 'transport passengers'), may also be classified as a van. This could include minibuses and large hatchback cars. If you are regularly entering our sites in these types of vehicles, and seen to be bringing in large quantities of construction waste, you may be challenged by site staff.

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Hire vehicle

You can apply for a permit for your hire van (when you apply, select field 'hire vehicle' in the 'type of vehicle' field).

  • Permits for hire vehicles will only be valid for seven days. You can apply for subsequent permits for a 'hire vehicle', but overall you will only be allocated 12 visits per year not per permit.
  • If you are hiring a van you will need to bring proof of residency with you. (e.g a driving licence, council tax bill, a recent utility bill or your Surrey bus pass).
  • When you arrive at the recycling centre you'll be asked for proof that it is a hire vehicle, so make sure you bring your permit, your hire documentation and proof of residency with you. Without this documentation you will be refused entry in to the site.
  • If you have a permit for a personal vehicle and then need a permit for a hire vehicle, you can apply for it online. The hire permit will run alongside your personal permit for seven days, after this it will expire and your personal permit will continue.

Business van

You can have a permit for a business van if it is your own personal van and you are bringing in your own household waste. You will not be allowed to dispose of business or construction waste. Your visits and the type of waste you bring will be recorded and monitored to prevent abuse of the scheme.

Duplicate details are not accepted in our system (e.g. vehicle registration numbers, addresses, email addresses). If you are using a company vehicle on your permit, other people will not be able to register the same vehicle in the future.