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The Surrey Care Council

The Surrey Care Council is made up of young people looked after by Surrey, aged 13-25 years old. This group meets on a monthly basis to talk about what they'd like to stop, start and change about being a young person in care.

We also have a Care Council Juniors group for young people aged between 8-13 years old, and they also meet on a monthly basis.

At Care Council, the young people get to:

  • Talk about things that are important to children and young people in care.
  • Raise action cards (something they want to stop or change about being looked after) which are taken to Corporate Parenting Board to be actioned and responded to.
  • Meet other young people in care and make new friends.
  • Go on fun trips with the group, such as Thorpe Park, Go Karting and Calshot Activity Centre.

Being a part of Care Council means young people:

  • Can get involved in 'recruit crew' and sit on interview panels in Surrey.
  • Can take issues to the corporate parenting board (a group of senior managers who have the power to change things.)
  • Deliver Total Respect training, which teaches a wide range of professionals how best to engage with looked after children.
  • Meet up once a month for discussions, food and activities.
  • Can make a difference to the care system.

What have we been up to?

The Oscarz 2019

In November 2019, we also held The Oscarz, our annual award ceremony for looked after children and care leavers. This was the third year of it running, following a Care Council action card asking for the return of an event to celebrate their achievements.

We received well over 200 nominations from workers, and we welcomed over 100 young people to the event. The awards were hosted by our apprentices and were handed out by members of Corporate Parenting Board. This year, the categories were Education, Sports, Personal, Participation and Employment. All of the young people were given refreshments on arrival, and a buffet was available throughout the evening.

Keep an eye out for the 2020 date!

Our other projects

We continue to run our Total Respect Training for frontline social care staff, newly qualified social workers, GPs, Nurses, Cabinet members, teachers and many more staff both with Surrey and beyond.

We have also been very busy running a range of projects and events. We are regularly carrying out Face2Face visits in foster placements and residential homes, where our apprentices meet young people who are new to the care system, and offer those children and young people the opportunity to get involved with our projects and events to ensure their voice is heard.

Our Youth Cabinet group continues to grow, and we are welcoming more young people to the meetings, and they continue to attend national events, such as British Youth Conventions. If you know of any young people who would like to find out more, please email us!

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