School term dates

Schools may vary their INSET days, and Academy, Voluntary Aided and Foundation schools' term dates may also vary.

Please check your local school information using our Directory of Surrey schools for further information.

You can also see a list of upcoming bank holidays on

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Dates for the 2025 to 2026 academic year for community and voluntary controlled schools will be published by 10 May 2024.

Academic year 2023 to 2024

Autumn term 2023

Start of term Half term End of term
1 September 2023 23 October to 27 October 2023 15 December 2023

Spring term 2024

Start of termHalf termEnd of term
2 January 202412 February to 16 February 202428 March 2024

Summer term 2024

Start of term Half term End of term
15 April 2024 27 May to 31 May 2024 23 July 2024

Academic year 2024 to 2025

Autumn term 2024

Start of term Half term End of term
2 September 2024 28 October to 1 November 2024 20 December 2024

Spring term 2025

Start of termHalf termEnd of term
6 January 202517 February to 21 February 20254 April 2025

Summer term 2025

Start of term Half term End of term
22 April 2025 26 May to 30 May 2025 22 July 2025

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Please note these term dates do not include a schools inset days, please refer to your schools website for details on when their inset days will be or any other closures.

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