Who or what you can bring to your appeal hearing

Who can I bring to the appeal hearing?

You can bring a relative or friend with you to the appeal hearing to help you present your case and offer you support.

It is not usual to need legal representation, although you can seek legal advice if you wish and a small number of parents choose to be represented at the appeal hearing by a lawyer or advocate.  If you are unable to attend the appeal hearing, you may nominate a representative to attend in your place.  If you intend to be represented or accompanied you must let the Surrey Schools Appeals Service know before the appeal hearing.

Appeal Panels must not allow representatives of schools to support individual appeals for places at their school at the hearing itself or in writing.

Most parents do not bring their child to the appeal hearing as in most cases it is not necessary.  If you do bring your child and wish them to speak to the Appeal Panel, you need to be aware that the Appeal Panel and other parties may ask them questions as part of the appeal hearing.

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