Who will be present at your appeal hearing

Who will hear my appeal?

An Appeal Panel is made up of three independent volunteers.  There will be at least one person with experience in education.  This person will be acquainted with education conditions in the local authority area, or who are parents of registered pupils at school.  There will also be at least one lay member.  This person will not have had any personal experience in the management of any school (excluding experience as a school governor or in another voluntary capacity).

None of the Appeal Panel will be connected with the school you are appealing for or the school you have been allocated.  Appeal Panel Members must not know you.

The Appeal Panel will be assisted by a clerk who is present to ensure your appeal is conducted fairly.  The clerk does not have any say at all in the Appeal Panel’s decision but is there to:

  • Explain what will happen at the hearing and deal with any questions you may have;
  • Ensure that all the relevant facts are established;
  • Make sure each party is heard in turn and they are given the opportunity to present their case fairly and equally;
  • Be an independent source of advice on law and procedures; and
  • Record the proceedings, decisions and reasons

The decision of the Appeal Panel is made independently of the admission authority.

What powers does an Appeal Panel have?

The Appeal Panel can either refuse or allow your appeal. It has no other power. An Appeal Panel cannot:

  • Attach any conditions if it allows your appeal; or
  • Order the admission authority to change your position on the waiting list for the school.

In addition the Appeal Panel will not hear complaints or objections on wider aspects of local admission policies and practice.

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