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Grit bins

We provide grit bins at selected locations around the county.

You can use the grit on the road, pavements and other public footways but not for treating private property. Misuse of the grit can lead to unnecessary shortages that can cause a danger to pedestrians and motorists.

If you require grit or salt for your own property, it can be brought from major builders' merchants or large garden centres.

Where is my nearest grit bin?

To find the location of bins in your area, please see our Surrey Winter Online map.

How do we decide where to place grit bins?

We provide grit bins for locations that are off the priority salting routes and would not normally receive immediate help during severe weather or snow. We prioritise locations that have:

  • difficult road junctions
  • slopes
  • acute bends
  • large numbers of pedestrians

Our criteria for providing grit bins can be found in our Highways Cold Weather Plan 2019/20 (PDF).

How to use the grit

Use a spade or shovel to spread the grit thinly and evenly across the road or pavement. A shovel full of grit will be sufficient to treat 20-30 square metres.

Report a grit bin problem

Use our online form to report damaged or missing bins and to report an empty grit bin. Please read our section below on filling grit bins, to find out how we may handle your report.

Filling grit bins

Our policy is to only fill each bin once a year, ahead of the winter season. This is to ensure that we can prioritise our funding and resources for other winter maintenance activities.

How do I request a grit bin for my area?

Local organisations can fund a grit bin for £790. This covers installation, repair, maintenance, insurance, administration and one fill a year, for four years.

New bins will be installed at a safe location on the highway and filled ahead of the next winter season.

Can I clear ice and snow from pavements and paths without fear of legal action?

See GOV.UK advice on clearing ice and snow.

Files available to download

  • Highways Cold Weather Plan 2019-20 (823.4 KB)
    Details of how Surrey Highways manages the roads and pavements during winter months, including criteria for grit bins, gritting roads and snow clearance