Parish Council grit bin licence application

You need a licence to place a grit bin on the highway. This scheme gives permission to parish or town councils to place grit bins on footpaths and/or verge of the highway.

Scheme conditions

The parish or town council must:

  1. Indemnify the county council against any claims caused by the grit bin being in the highway or the use thereof.
  2. Keep the grit bin in a good state of repair.
  3. Remove the grit bin at the parish or town council's expense if at any time the county council needs that to be done.
  4. Must make good the area where the grit bin stood. Normally this means restoring the ground or path to its original state.
  5. Pay the expense of any damage to the highway or apparatus within it that may be caused by the removal of the grit bin.
  6. Not break up the surface of the highway.
  7. Not interfere with the apparatus of undertakers such as pipes or cables.
  8. Not interfere with land and premises outside the control of the county council.
  9. Clearly label the grit bin with the parish or town councils contact details.
  10. Restock the grit bin at the parish or town council's expense.
  11. Fill the grit bin using either salt or a grit/salt mix in a ratio of 3:1.
  12. Prevent contamination of watercourses, any split or cracked grit bin is to be removed.
  13. Remove any surplus or spilt salt/grit from the area where the grit bin is located.
  14. Ensure the grit bin placed on the highway is provided for public use only and will be registered on the Surrey County Council website.

The above delegation of functions relating to the provision of grit bins is exercised under the powers in section 19 of the Local Government Act 2000. The county council does not grant planning permission in relation to the above functions.

How to apply

  1. Read the scheme conditions above.
  2. Download and print the application for Town and Parish Councils to place a grit bin on the highway (PDF)
  3. Complete and sign the form.
  4. Return it to the address at the bottom of the form.

We will assess the proposed site for your bin in relation to visibility, obstruction and distance from the edge of the road. We will also consult with any stakeholders as required.

If your application is approved we will send you the licence. If we can't approve the application, we will contact you to discuss it.

Files available to download

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