When and where we salt

Salting, gritting and snow

When and where we salt

We use weather forecasts, computerised ice prediction systems and information from roadside weather stations to get the most accurate indications of where and when ice is likely to form.

When deciding if salting is needed, we also consider:

  • Whether the road surfaces are wet or dry
  • The likelihood of rain or snow
  • If there is any salt already on the roads from previous salting runs

Road surface temperature is also used to make decisions on when to apply salt. Road surface temperatures and air temperatures are rarely the same.

We use high-tech road sensors that can determine road surface temperature. We currently have 11 road sensors at our weather stations across Surrey, and a further 30 sensors in other locations in the process of being installed this year.

There are approximately 3000 miles of roads in Surrey, therefore we need to prioritise which roads we salt and when. The full map of our gritting routes, and road priority designations can be viewed on the Surrey Winter Online map.

Surrey Winter Online map

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