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Parking news and updates in Elmbridge

Elmbridge parking review 2018-19

Our recommendations for new or amended parking controls under the Elmbridge parking review 2018-19, were approved at the Elmbridge local committee on 26 November 2018, subject to some amendments and additions.

We have since carried out some parking consultations with residents of Broomfield Court, Matthew Arnold Close and Claremont Close, which closed on 8 April 2019. Having analysed the responses received, we have decided to proceed with proposals in the first two locations, but not in Claremont Close.

Now that we have completed the consultations, we are preparing the documents required to advertise all of the proposals put forward as part of the parking review. We are expecting to carry out the advertisement in late May or early June 2019. We will update this page with full details in due course.

Walton and Hersham parking review

The final decisions about the Walton and Hersham parking review have been made, and the revised traffic orders came into effect on 11 March 2019. All of the required signs were installed by 5 March 2019, and the majority of the lining was completed around the same time. There is some lining 'snagging' work which is still necessary to finish off.

Miscellaneous parking proposals

We advertised some parking proposal as a result of new developments in Elmbridge or specific safety concerns on 8 June, and the objection period ended on 6 July. The locations in question were:

  • Julian Hill, Weybridge
  • Hurst Road / Freeman Drive / Boleyn Drive / Berkeley Drive, West Molesey
  • Burwood Road / Pleasant Place, Hersham
  • Churchfield Road, Walton on Thames
  • High Street, Esher

The proposals and our reasons for them are given in the 'Description and explanation of proposals' (PDF), which also tells you the relevant drawing number to look at. You can use 'ctrl' & 'F' to bring up a search box to find the road you're interested in within the document. You can still view these documents, but you may no longer comment on them.

Documents relating to these proposals:

We received no feedback to the proposals, other than to Julian Hill, where there was some positive feedback as described in attached objections report (PDF). Therefore, we will go ahead 'as advertised' (i.e. without change) with all of the proposals, except those in Esher High Street which are no longer required.

Moleseys and Dittons parking review

The Moleseys and Dittons parking review was completed in the summer of 2018.

Esher, Claygate, and Hinchley Wood parking review

The Esher, Claygate and Hinchley Wood parking review was completed in the summer of 2018.

Files available to download