Using your Blue Badge

Your responsibilities

The Blue Badge rights and responsibilities booklet ( and a time clock are distributed with all new blue badges and the booklet explains how to use your Blue Badge and where you can park.

In summary:

  • A blue badge may be used by the disabled person as driver or passenger, in a disabled parking bay and more details of where you can park is explained in the rights and responsibility booklet and is often given on parking signs.
  • A Blue Badge holder is responsible for the badge and must not let anyone else use it. You cannot use a photocopy of it.
  • You must make sure it's displayed the correct way up, as shown on badge.
  • Blue Badges are the property of Surrey County Council and are clearly printed with an expiry date.
  • If the blue badge has expired it should be cut up and disposed of, if it is no longer required it should be returned to Surrey County Council with a short explanation.
  • It is illegal to use your badge after its expiry date. You can renew your Blue Badge online.
  • If a Blue Badge is misused we can de-register it and the maximum penalty for incorrect use of the badge is a fine of £1000.

Exemption from the congestion charge and Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ)

If you wish to claim exemption to the congestion charge you will need to register with Transport for London.

There is also further support for disabled people (Transport for London) with the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) expansion.

Travelling abroad

You can use your Blue Badge in Europe however, as we have left the European Union not all European countries have the same agreement as in the past. The Department for Transport publish a list of countries where your UK blue badge is recognised in Europe. This shows the countries where the badge is recognised and where further negotiation is taking place.

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