Replace a lost / stolen disabled person's pass

There are two ways to replace a pass

Please note: when a bus pass is recorded as lost, stolen or damaged a message is sent to cancel the card and the bus pass will stop working shortly after. Once a bus pass has been cancelled it cannot be reactivated; it will need to be replaced.

1. Online

You'll need

  • Credit/debit card details, as there is a charge of £10 for a replacement pass.

Replace your free bus pass online

Please log in or select: 'I had a Free Bus Pass but it is lost/stolen and I require a replacement, and I don't have an online account'

2. At a library

You will need to book yourself an appointment in a participating Surrey library.

Book a library appointment to replace your free bus pass

You'll need to take with you:

  • Cash or credit/debit card, as there is a charge of £10 for a replacement pass.
  • Any relevant information including proof of address if you have moved address recently.
  • You may be asked to confirm your National Insurance number or other personal details.

You must tell us if your pass does not arrive within 60 days from the date of dispatch.

Beyond the 60 days there is a charge of £10 to replace a lost pass.

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