School bus services - I

This page provides quick links to the timetables for public bus services most frequently used by students. If your school is not listed on this page, check Traveline for details of other public services that are available.

This page does not include details of non-public coach and taxi services provided by Surrey County Council for home to school transport.

Imberhorne School

281 (Metrobus) and 291 (Metrobus)
Copthorne, Crawley Down, Felbridge

281 (Metrobus)
Lingfield, Dormansland Church

409 (Metrobus)
Lingfield, Felcourt

624 (Metrobus)
Horley, Smallfield, Burstow, Copthorne, Crawley Down, Felbridge

646 (Metrobus)
Edenbridge, Lingfield, Dormansland

638 / 643 / 648 (Metrobus)
Copthorne, Snow Hill, Felbridge

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