Surrey Heritage fees and charges

Details of fees and charges for goods and services provided by Surrey Heritage at Surrey History Centre (SHC), 130 Goldsworth Road, Woking GU21 6ND.

Payment can be made by cheque (in pounds sterling only) payable to Surrey County Council or by Visa/Mastercard/Debit card via our online shop. Please do not send cash. VAT at 20% is included for UK customers. Handling fees will be charged for orders sent by post. If you are contacting us from outside the UK, please let us know your country of origin as changes in VAT legislation may affect the services we can provide.

Certified copies

Type of certificate Fee at SHC Handling fee for posted orders
Baptism certificates £36* £4
Marriage certificates £36* £4
Certified copies of other documents £15 £4

* Certificate fees set by the Church of England Table of Fees 2023.


Type of copy Fee at SHC Handling fee for posted orders
A4 photocopies
per sheet
£1 £4 per UK order, £7 for Europe, and £10 for rest of the world. Large orders will be weighed and priced on a case-by-case basis.
A3 photocopies
per sheet
£1.50£4 per UK order, £7 for Europe, and £10 for rest of the world. Large orders will be weighed and priced on a case-by-case basis.
Removal of staples, pins etc from archive materials for photocopying £20
per document
Not applicable

Microform copies and computer print outs

Type of copy Fee at SHC Handling fee for posted orders
Prints from microfilm or fiche, A4 £1 £4 per UK order, £7 for Europe, and £10 for rest of the world. Large orders will be weighed and priced on a case-by-case basis.
Prints from microfilm or fiche, A3£1.50£4 per UK order, £7 for Europe, and £10 for rest of the world. Large orders will be weighed and priced on a case-by-case basis.
Digital copies from microfilm sent by WeTransfer£7.50Not applicable
Print outs from SHC lists or SHC databases only 25p per sheet £4 per order
Print outs in foyer
from public access
internet terminals,
25p per side (set by libraries) Not applicable

Photography permits

For visitors taking their own photographs with a camera or mobile phone with camera facilities. These passes are available in our foyer.

Type of passFee
One day £15
Five days. Valid for one calendar year from date of purchase. £45
Removal of staples, pins etc from archive materials for photography £20
per document

Outside talks

Please see our talks list for the range of talks that we currently offer. For further information or to book a talk, please contact the History Centre Manager on 01483 518737 or contact Surrey History Centre online.

A talk by a member of staff to outside groups within Surrey costs £80 plus travel expenses.

Tour behind the scenes at Surrey History Centre

Join us on a tour behind the scenes, exploring our archive rescue, cleaning and sorting areas, the conservation laboratory, packaging room, strongroom and Surrey County Archaeological Unit. Tours take an hour and a half and cost £100 for a group of up to 12 people. Contact to book.

Digital imaging service

See Digitisation of archive and library material

Type of service Fee per image at SHC Handling fee for posted orders
A4 basic paper £13

First 5 sheets £4 per order UK, £7 Europe, £10 rest of world. Six sheets or more will be weighed and priced on a case by case basis.

A3 basic paper £18 As above
Images on CD £15 for first image and the CD, £13 for subsequent images

£4 per order UK, £7 Europe, £10 rest of world

Images sent by WeTransfer £15 Not applicable

The cost of postage of books from our foyer shop is usually £4 per order in UK (£7 for Europe and £10 for rest of the world) but large orders will be weighed and priced on a case by case basis.

Paid research service

See Research service

½ hour £25
1 hour £50
1½ hours £75
2 hours £100
2½ hours £125
3 hours £150

Wills transcription service

Type of willFee
English WillFirst 10 lines £18.00
Each consecutive 10 lines £10.50
Latin WillFirst 10 lines £25.75
Each consecutive 10 lines £15.50

One to one surgeries

Although staff are always on hand to help when you visit our searchroom, there may be occasions when you may need expert advice in a particular research topic. We can now offer 'One to One Surgeries' with our own experts in particular aspects of our collections. These sessions must be booked in advance and will cost £40 for one hour. Please contact us on 01483 518737 or for further information.

Publication fees

Type of publication Fee per image
Scholarly, non-profit making, publications with print runs less than 1000 copies £15.50 per image plus copy of publication for library
Books with print runs above 1000 copies £46 per image plus copy of publication for library
E-Books £46 per image
Books and magazine COVERS £72 per image
TV, film, video stills or moving image £72 per image
Digital publication: Intranet only £15.50 per image
Digital publication: Commercial use £46 per image
Digital publication: non-profit CD-ROM £15.50 per image plus copy of publication for library
Commercial interior design and decoration £72 per image
Postcards, greetings cards, calendars, giftware, mugs, posters etc £72 per image

Room hire

Rooms at Surrey History Centre are available for hire by outside groups and organisations. These comprise a large Conference Room seating 70 people that can be divided into two smaller rooms, a Seminar Room and an Events Room, each seating about 20 people. For further details of their facilities and availability please see the leaflet below or contact The basic rates are as follows:

No VAT on this.

Type of roomFee
Conference Room, full day £370
Conference Room, half day £185
Conference Room, 2 hour slots£95
Seminar Room, full day £210
Seminar Room, half day £105
Seminar Room, 2 hour slots£55
Events Room, full day £210
Events Room, half day £105
Events Room, 2 hour slots£55
Tea and coffee per person (half day)£3.50
Tea and coffee per person (full day)£5

All charges incorporate public liability insurance where applicable.

Archive Conservation Services

We have a large, well-equipped conservation department with a broad range of conservation tools and materials. We offer a range of conservation services to external clients (see below). Please note we specialise in the care of archival material and work to archive conservation standards. We do not undertake restoration work, or work on art collections. We are also unable to advise on object or textile conservation. For more information or to request a quote, please contact our Conservator on 01483 518737 or email

Type of serviceFee
Interventive conservation treatments for paper and parchment documents, maps, books and seals£65 per hour
Preparing damaged items for digital imaging£65 per hour
Cleaning and archival packaging£65 per hour
Preservation assessment, surveys and reports (including travelling time)£65 per hour

Finds Processing Room Hire

Surrey County Archaeological Unit is based at Surrey History Centre in Woking. The purpose built Finds Processing Room forms part of the SCAU offices and is available for hire. Easily accessible by both car and public transport and with facilities for a variety of post-excavation work, the room is ideal for groups needing the space and equipment to carry out their own archaeological projects, research and meetings. Please see Finds processing room hire page for full details.

Type of serviceFee
Finds Room Hire full day£150
Finds Room Hire half day£75
Advice from archaeological specialist£45 per hour

Filming at Surrey History Centre

£310 per day. Please contact us for further details.

Learning resources

We offer detailed curriculum support and learning resources for classroom use. Our learning resources provide digital copies of original source archive documents for you to embed into your own teaching.

Surrey history topic packs
We offer the following chargeable resource packs:
Transport in Surrey; Tudors in Surrey; Crime and Punishment throughout time; Suffrage in Surrey; Black History in Surrey; LGBTQ+ history in Surrey.
Price on application
Local history packs
These are bespoke packs which research the location of your school. Looking at Ordnance Survey maps from the 1880s to the 1930s, including relevant census and photographs.
Price on application
Curriculum review and Continuous Professional Development (CPD)
We provide a free quick curriculum review where we can look over your planning and help you to embed more local history links. We can also offer your staff CPD training to provide them with links to local history resources and to provide confidence in teaching history in the classroom.
Price on application

To discuss any of the above services or to order any of the packs, please email the Heritage Learning and Communities Officer

Surrey County Archaeological Unit Loan Boxes

Get hands-on with Surrey's past with the help of the Surrey County Archaeological Unit loan boxes. We have a number of boxes available for two week hire: Prehistoric (choice of two boxes available), Roman, Medieval, First and Second World War, Woking Palace, MiniDigs - Be an archaeologist and excavate real finds. Cost is £30 per box.

Each box is packed with real artefacts excavated from archaeological sites around Surrey, and replica items to show you what they would have originally looked like. They also each come with a teacher's pack containing information about the artefacts, a summary of the period, case studies of Surrey sites and suggested activities. Please contact our Community Archaeologist

Use of the library computer terminals in our foyer

Members of Surrey Libraries can use the computers free for the first 120 minutes, then pay £2.50 for up to 120 additional minutes. If you are not a member of Surrey Libraries, the guest login costs £2.50 for 120 minutes.

A printable version of this table of fees is available below.

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