How we share information with other organisations

Information sharing (Surrey Multi Agency Information Sharing Protocol)

The pages in this section layout the Multi Agency Information Sharing Protocol (MAISP), it's framework and useful guidance for you to follow when signing up to the MAISP.

These pages replace version 5 of the MAISP. This is version 6.0/2021. The MAISP will be reviewed at intervals by the Surrey MAISP action group.

What is the MAISP?

We all need to share personal information to do our jobs. Protocols and data sharing between organisations gives practitioners access to relevant and accurate information and enables them to provide the best services to our users and, where appropriate, the best support.

The MAISP is an overarching framework that identifies the commitments that are required by each partner organisation to enable the responsible sharing of personal information to take place.

It provides guidance for practitioners on best practice when sharing information between organisations. It outlines the principles, standards, lawful and justifiable basis for using and sharing information about people. It also links to sources of further advice and support.

When used correctly, the MAISP can:

  • help you cut down on replicating administrative processes
  • provide assurance that any information disclosed or shared has been shared carefully and responsibly in compliance with data protection legislation
  • be used as part of Records of Processing activities
  • help with requirements to demonstrate accountability and transparency
  • make sure the people whose data is shared have access to all their rights

The Surrey MAISP identifies the obligations and commitments required by each organisation to enable sharing of personal information. The Surrey MAISP will also help organisations demonstrate their obligations under the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA) and UK-GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Any information sharing about individuals can only happen when it is lawful and necessary to do so. All public and voluntary sector organisations, private organisations contracted to deliver relevant services on behalf of the public sector and organisations providing health, education, safety, crime prevention and social wellbeing services to people in Surrey can sign up to the Surrey MAISP.

There are several context specific MAISP Tier 2 protocols in place in Surrey that are separate but complementary to this framework. They are:

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