Surrey Multi Agency Information Sharing Protocol Action Group

Surrey MAISP Action Group (SMAG) Terms of Reference

Chair: Grisilda Ponniah


Group description - Terms of reference

  1. To be accountable for the Surrey MAISP and any related policies and management arrangements to ensure that it remains focused on the needs of the users, compatible with the relevant legislation, and takes into account organisational ethics and strategy in the handling and protecting of personal data information throughout its lifecycle of being shared between organisations
  2. To monitor and oversee compliance with the MAISP and associated policies across Surrey and sectors through progress updates and reports from the relevant sectors at each meeting
  3. To receive new data sharing agreements for consultation and promotion to signatories
  4. To review the signatories on an annual basis
  5. To receive and consider any issues, complaints, information requests or breaches of the MAISP and, where appropriate, to undertake or recommend remedial action
  6. To work with other data sharing groups in Surrey such as the Surrey Information Governance Group (SIGG), Integrated Care Systems (ICS), NHS Surrey Heartlands, Surrey Data Protection Officers (DPOs) and the Surrey Office of Data Analytics (SODA).
  7. To invite guests, including outside agencies, to attend meetings to help broaden knowledge of sharing practice and identify new areas of synergy
  8. To promote best practice, produce relevant guidance and encourage consistency in matters of information sharing across Surrey
  9. To review the terms of reference (TOR) at least annually and update them as needed to respond to changes in the organisation, external drivers or new statutory requirements

Frequency of meetings

The Surrey MAISP Action Group usually meets every 2 months or at least 3 times per year.

Reporting relationship

The Surrey MAISP Action Group reports to the Senior Leadership Team as appropriate within each constituent members organisation, referring matters to Surrey County Council's Information Governance Risk Board and Audit Committee as appropriate.

Members or key people

  • Grisilda Ponniah (Chair), Surrey County Council (SCC)
  • Clare Williams, Spelthorne Borough Council
  • Jo Butler, Surrey County Council
  • Adriana Gisca, Surrey Police
  • Louise Gibbons, Surrey County Council
  • Jane Dufton, Surrey County Council
  • Anna Grealis, Elmbridge Borough Council
  • Louis Lau, Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (SABP)
  • Daniel Lorusso, NHS Surrey Heartlands CCG

A deputy, nominated by the committee or key members should attend the Action Group in the event that a member is unavailable.

Invited to attend

Each meeting must have an invited guest who can show the group the working practicalities of day-to-day personal data sharing.

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