Support for voluntary, community and faith sector organisations

A network of Councils for Voluntary Service support voluntary and community groups in Surrey, with a wide range of services including advice training and information on areas like human resources and finance.

Other organisations in Surrey who can provide support are listed below.

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Councils for Voluntary Service

Surrey's Councils for Voluntary Service (CVSs) take the lead in providing infrastructure support to the Voluntary, Community and Faith Sector. There are currently six CVS's across Surrey (CVS).

Volunteer centres

If you are a local group or organisation you can register with your local Volunteer Centre, where you can benefit from:

  • Opportunities, information, advice and support for volunteers
  • Help finding volunteers
  • Involvement in campaigns for volunteering

Whether you are a volunteer or a voluntary organisation there are also lots of resources on the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) that can help answer some of your questions.

For details of Volunteer Centres in Surrey visit our 'Talk to someone about volunteering' page.

Surrey Charities Forum

The Surrey Charities Forum meets online every month to bring the county's third sector together with partners and other relevant organisations.

There are currently over 150 members, representing charities large and small across Surrey. Dates of their meetings can be found on their 'Facilitating and networking' page, if you wish to join.

Community Foundation Surrey

The Community Foundation for Surrey (CFS) is an independent charitable foundation that brings together people and organisations who wish to give to the community with voluntary organisations providing positive solutions to the many challenges within our communities.

Themes including mental ill-health, sport, young people, the environment, arts, disadvantaged individuals looking for help into training and employment and much more.

CFS support hundreds of community groups across Surrey every year with funding from their donors. They are part of a national network of 47 Community Foundations.

Surrey Community Action

Surrey Community Action work with a wide range of statutory and voluntary organisations. They provide advice and support to the voluntary, community and faith sector as well as running projects within communities across Surrey.

Community grants and funding

Surrey has a variety of funds and funding advice accessible by Surrey communities, provided by different organisations. There are also community funding streams available that cover all of England that can be used in Surrey.

Social Value Marketplace

Social Value Marketplace is a tool that can help make connections between organisations, who are waiting to offer all sorts of help, and individuals. Whether that's meeting spaces, skills and knowledge sharing, equipment or volunteers to help with gardening, painting or decorating.

Surrey County Council

You can contact us for more information on support available within the Voluntary, Community and Faith Sector.

For more information, contact Surrey County Council.

Community Link officers

Surrey County Council Community Link officers are here to help build closer relationships with residents and community organisations. Here to listen to you, work alongside you and the great local community organisations in your area to facilitate conversations and make connections to Make It Happen.

Find out who is the Community Link Officer is in your area visit the 'Your Local Area' pages.

You can get in contact with Community Link Officers via email:

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