Surrey Councils for Voluntary Service (CVS)

Surrey has over 5,700 voluntary, community and faith sector (VCFS) organisations that benefit from infrastructure support to enable them to remain strong, efficient and effective in meeting the needs of Surrey residents. The County Council is working closely with partners to ensure the right support is in place to enable the sector to thrive.

Surrey's Councils for Voluntary Service (CVSs) take the lead in providing infrastructure support to the VCFS. Funded by the County Council, District and Borough Councils and Clinical Commissioning Groups, CVSs provide a range of services including volunteer brokerage and advice on governance and funding.

The Councils for Voluntary Service may also:

  • Research community needs
  • Provide a communications channel for voluntary and community groups
  • Represent the views of voluntary and community groups to public bodies such as Surrey County Council
  • Help to build partnership working
  • Promote the Surrey Compact to help public organisations work better with the voluntary and community sector.

Surrey County Council, NHS Surrey and the Surrey boroughs and districts support the Councils for Voluntary Service financially and work closely with them for the benefit of Surrey communities. Some Councils for Voluntary Service may also include a Volunteer Centre, although some Volunteer Centres are independent.

Surrey Councils for Voluntary Service (CVS) - performance scorecards

Information on how Surrey's CVSs are supporting the sector to thrive is captured in scorecards for each of the organisations. This is composed of data regularly collected by the CVSs as well as the results of an annual survey of all VCFS organisations in Surrey. These scorecards are updated quarterly.

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