Volunteering in your retirement

Volunteer for new opportunities

Would you like to help other people in your community, inspire a young person, take on a new challenge or use your experience in a different way? Then volunteering could be for you.

Throughout Surrey there are thousands of ways to volunteer, from driving an older person to the shops or the doctors once a week, to inspiring a young person as a volunteer mentor, or exchanging your time and skills with others in your community as part of a local Time Bank.

Whether you’re looking for unique experiences, the chance to meet new people, an opportunity to make use of your professional skills or to learn new ones, volunteering can open lots of doors. And no matter how much or little time you have to give, you’ll be making a valuable difference.

If you’re thinking about volunteering in your retirement but you’re not sure where to start then check out our guide which has everything you need to know about volunteering in retirement and why you should get involved.

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