Fire safety in the kitchen

Set hearts on fire this valentines, not your home

February is cooking safety month, and Surrey Fire and Rescue Service want to make sure that the only flames are sparking this Valentine's Day are between you and your loved one, not your home!

Chrissie Cooper, Station Commander, says: "In 2021/2022 alone, we attended 486 home fires, they're devastating for everyone involved."

Over half of all accidental fires in the home start in the kitchen, so here are some tips to keep you safe.

  • Keep an eye on your cooking, if you leave the room, turn off the hob
  • Don't place combustible items, such as tea towels, too close to the hob, this is a leading cause for fires in the home
  • If you've got little ones, make sure that pan handles are tucked away, so they can't reach them
  • Check your smoke alarms and replace batteries regularly

If anything catches fire in your home, don't take any risks. Get out, stay out, call 999.

For more advice on staying fire safe at home, please visit the Surrey Fire and Rescue Service webpage.

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