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Testing, advice and support to help you take care of you

With so much going on, it can be hard for us to keep track of all our health needs let alone address them… And speaking of 'health needs', don't forget to include your sexual health to that list.

STI's are not always visible

If you have unprotected sex, you risk contracting a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI). Gonorrhoea and Herpes are two common STIs in the UK, but did you know the most common is Chlamydia? And unfortunately, as with a few other STIs Chlamydia may not show any symptoms, so you could have it, be spreading it and not even know it. The good news is that a straightforward course of antibiotics should cure the infection if your test results show you have the infection.

Get tested and give yourself that peace of mind

If you're sexually active or having sex with a new or casual partner, it's a good idea to have an STI test at least once a year. It's also recommended you get an STI test each time you change partners. Luckily, there are lots of local services to help:

  • Chlamydia home testing service – this free and confidential service makes access to testing easy because you can order a test kit straight to your home… in discreet plain packaging
  • Chlamydia testing in pharmacies – find a local pharmacy offering free chlamydia testing and treatment
  • Sexual health clinics – whether you need contraception, an STI test or simply to discuss any issues or concerns or needs, you can do it at one of the clinics in and around Surrey
  • HIV testing – as well as treatment and care services, there are lots of local support services across Surrey on hand to help
  • Young people's sexual health services – access free sexual health services including advice and support if you're under 25
  • Get It On - Condom Distribution Scheme - the best way to protect yourself from getting an STI is to use a condom and you can get them for free. Find out more about the free and confidential condom distribution network for 13–24 years old in Surrey

Knowledge is power

There's nothing worse than not knowing… no matter your age, sexual orientation, gender, or relationship status, having good sexual health is an important part of staying physically and emotionally healthy, and getting the right support and access to the best services can help.

Visit the Sexual Health Hub on the Healthy Surrey website to see the full list of local and national services available to you, your friends and anyone and everyone you know. Protect your health, protect your future.

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