Living well in later life

Surrey's 2030 plan, join the discussion

Shaped from the views of hundreds of residents, carers, staff and care providers, Living Well in Later Life is our plan for making Surrey the best place it can be for older people.

The plan sets out all the ways we at the county council, working with our partners in the NHS, care sector and districts and boroughs, will support people to live and age well in Surrey over the next decade.

At the heart of the plan is a commitment to improving opportunities and care choices in local communities so that older people can be as active and independent as they wish.

We engaged with residents and their families, as well as staff and partners, to draw up the strategy, and now we're seeking further input to help shape how we put it into practice.

Three priorities

The plan is centred around three priorities. They are:

  • Prevention, supporting people to lead healthy and independent lives in their local communities for as long as possible
  • Living independently, enabling people to live in their own homes with care and support tailored to their strengths, including through planned new extra care housing
  • Care homes, making sure that Surrey can offer the right mix of high quality care homes for those who need them

Further details can be found in the summary version of the plan at the Living well in later life web page.

Progress so far

Working with our partners, including the NHS in Surrey Heartlands and Frimley, as well as care providers and voluntary organisations across the county, we've already achieved some key milestones in our plan.

These include:

  • signing a new contract for home care services so that people receive even better care in their own homes
  • enhancing our reablement service for people needing short-term care, such as after a hospital stay, through linking with specialist care workers
  • carrying out in-depth planning to help us and our partners meet the growing need for care home places catering for complex and challenging needs

Get involved

We're keen to continue to gather our residents' and partners' input as we work towards meeting the commitments in the plan. There will be opportunities to take part in workshops and surveys.

If you, or anyone you know or work with, has an interest in shaping services for older people, sign up via the living well in later life web page or by calling 0300 200 1005, SMS (for the deaf or hard of hearing) 07527 182 861, text relay 18001 0300 200 1005 or BSL video relay.

Watch the video

Jonathan Fisher, Chair of the Surrey Coalition of Disabled People, was among partners who worked with us to devise the plan. See the video below where Jonathan explains what it's all about and how you can get involved.

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